Auscultation et diagnostic de l'état des voies
Auscultation et diagnostic de l'état des voies

Auscultation and diagnosis of track conditions

Gain a better understanding of your road assets

Qualifier l'état des chaussées

Monitoring and disgnosis of the condition of roads

Technologies Nouvelles monitors roads to enable you to qualify the condition of your road assets using cutting edge technologies and smart vehicles, and via processing and analysis tools.
We therefore respond to your specific needs, such as:

  • Knowledge of the condition of roads based on large-scale monitoring comprising the automated recording of deterioration, the measurement of transverse and longitudinal deformations, the measurement of the macrotexture
  • Update of the  inventory of assets using LIDAR-type 3D data acquisition devices and high-definition videos
  • The creation and update of digital image banks
  • The implementation of condition indicators in the aim of proposing maintenance programmes
  • The provision of asset management support tools
  • Help to project owners in domains associated with road asset management

Our teams work on all types of road, motorway and aeronautical network at national and international level.

High-performance automated surveys of deformations and damage

Our knowledge in the domain of road monitoring, combined with a policy of continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies, enables us to ensure the automated detection and measurement of all characteristics pertaining to road condition.

Data acquisition is assured by a high-performance multifunction device, EVALIS 3D. This vehicle is equipped with a LCMS (Laser Cracks Measurement System) sensor, which digitises the road surface in 3D at mm resolution. These new technologies offer a very high precision and an unrivalled quality of information.

This data is used to simultaneously collect the following data using an automated method:

  • Deformations
    • Longitudinal section
    • Cross section
  • Adhesion: macrotexture
  • Geometrical characteristics of roads
    • Slope gradient, cant
    • Bend radius
  • Deterioration
    • Transverse and other cracks
    • Surface deterioration: sealing or bleeding, chunking, crazing
    • Localised and major repairs that weaken the road structure over the long term