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Aximum helps to improve the living environment and the quality of travel by offering customised solutions that enhance the value of sites and make them safer.

signage post


Guiding and informing users

A wide range of customised solutions to improve information for users and make it easier for them to find their way around, in towns and cities as well as in industrial and commercial zones, greenways, cycle routes and tourist areas.

Decorative gravel coatings

Decorative road coatings

Adapting the road network to use

The municipal road network, as a component of the living environment, must be given special attention. Aximum offers coatings that improve the clarity of spaces, urban aesthetics and user comfort for cyclists and pedestrians.

tactile markings to guide the visually impaired

Tactile systems

Making the road network more accessible to ambulant disabled people

Aximum helps create a more inclusive city, with foot- and cane-detectable coatings that enable blind and partially sighted people to move around safely and independently in urban spaces.

street furniture and signage

Street furniture

Equipping spaces

For functional public spaces that best meet the needs of users, Aximum installs furniture adapted to each type of environment, always favouring sustainable and eco-responsible equipment.

lighting and sound

Lighting and sound

Visual and audible animation

Our specialist teams install and maintain public address systems and functional or architectural lighting solutions, contributing to the comfort of users and the enhancement of sites, whether public or private.

anti-kerosene coating INDAS AK

Technical coatings

Upgrading pavement characteristics

Aximum offers technical coatings to give pavements specific qualities. The Indas AK anti-kerosene solution protects surfaces subject to oil or fuel spills on airport runways and parking areas, extending the durability of asphalt mixes. Vigigrip’s high-grip surface enhances skid resistance and reduces braking distances ahead of pedestrian crossings or accident black spot areas.

Site marking

Our experienced teams and technical resources provide our customers with high-quality support in securing their worksites, whatever the type of work and the environment involved, to ensure the protection of users and contractors alike.

Road worksite marking

Securing urban and road worksites

Protecting all forms of mobility

Aximum is your partner for the supply of the marking equipment and products you need to make your worksites safe. We install and maintain innovative solutions such as smart alternate one-way traffic systems which adapt traffic signals in real time according to traffic conditions to improve traffic flow and the acceptability of worksites.

Concrete block VMS heavy marking

Heavy marking

High protection marking 

Specialising in heavy marking, our teams secure short- and long-term operations. The diversity of our stock of concrete separators, and their distribution across the country, means we can meet all safety requirements, with optimised installation conditions.

Major worksite marking

Marking for large-scale worksites

Multi-activity operational management

Our team specialises in managing major work projects, helping you to roll out mobility solutions such as BRTs, trams, multimodal interchanges and major roads. Our technical resources and nationwide presence mean we can optimise the conditions in which we carry out our work.

worksite marking and operation

Worksite use

Comprehensive support

Aximum analyses traffic flows and parking requirements to propose optimum solutions for managing worksite flows, providing safe routes for soft modes of transport and reducing the impact on traffic conditions. Our teams carry out all the operations: reprogramming traffic lights, markings, informing residents, dynamic diversions, guidance to parking areas, etc.

measuring and monitoring worksite nuisance

Monitoring the impact of the works

Monitoring and reducing nuisance 

"Aximum measures and supervises the impact of the work: noise, vibrations, air or water quality. Support solutions enable us to detect, objectify and alert in order to implement rapid corrective actions to facilitate the acceptability of worksites. Our teams are responsible for deploying the coordination solutions and on-call duty required to ensure that the service is always available."

Road restraint systems and crash cushions

By absorbing the impact of vehicles, this equipment reduces the severity of accidents and avoids more violent impacts against side or front obstacles.

Safety barriers

Metal and wood safety barriers

Limiting the consequences of accidents

Whether the barriers use wood, metal or both, Aximum provides solutions with the technical performance to meet all installation requirements and configurations, on roads and motorways as well as on cycle routes, on major worksites as well as on small repair jobs.

Extruded concrete barrier

Concrete barriers and walls

The strength of extruded concrete

Our teams implement their know-how and a large range of equipment to designing and building traditional or custom slipform structures: Concrete safety barrier, DBA, LBA, low concrete walls, etc., as well as mixed concrete/metal or concrete/wood devices to secure the lanes and prevent any risk of crossing.

Safety Barriers/Parapets for civil engineering structures

Works barriers and guardrails

Protecting travel on engineering structures

From pedestrian safety to restraining heavy goods vehicles, Aximum installs and maintains barriers and guardrails, adapting to the technical and architectural constraints of each project. Our experts can also help you to comply with the requirements for restraining devices on structures.

Sliding service passage

Service passages

Facilitating interventions

Aximum offers and installs devices designed for the rapid opening of barriers on shoulders or central medians to speed up emergency operations for road workers and ensure road users safety in the shortest possible time.

Central reservation interruptions

Central reservation interruptions

The central reservation interruptions designed and installed by Aximum have an opening length that can be adjusted according to the number of lanes in the road, and offer strength that enables them to hold back vehicles weighing up to 13 tonnes, ensuring a high level of protection for road users.

Tau Tube crash-cushion


Protecting vehicle occupants

With a complete range of certified crash cushions, Aximum helps ensure the safety of users on all types of road, as well as in worksite areas. The innovative Accitrack system alerts track managers to collisions and shows them the context of the accident so that they can take steps to ensure safety as quickly as possible.

Digital simulation of road restraint systems

Technical studies and digital simulation

Responding to specific needs

Our engineering and digital simulation experts can support your equipment projects, validating the required performance at the design stage, or proposing adaptations of existing systems to specific configurations to guarantee the efficiency of the solutions implemented.

Concrete infrastructure and protection screens

Aximum’s high-performance equipment and specialised teams produce concrete pavements, as well as ancillary drainage and road development equipment.

Concrete kerbs and drainage systems

Kerbs and drainage systems

Ancillary pavement equipment

Our extruded concrete solutions - kerbs, mini-lane dividers, standard or slotted gutters - adhere perfectly to the substrate and can be installed quickly, reducing the time needed to carry out work. The continuity of the systems and the choice of different finishes ensure excellent visual and aesthetic quality.

high performance concrete pavement

Concrete pavement

Long-lasting paths

Our teams expertise in flat concrete means we can produce concrete pavements to meet the durability and strength requirements of certain development projects: aeronautical pavements, roundabouts, roads and green ways, for which the colours and types of finish offered ensure aesthetic qualities suited to the environment.

Noise barriers with acoustic and privacy screen

Acoustic screens and privacy screens

Preserving the comfort of residents

Aximum installs noise barriers and privacy screens to preserve the comfort of residents living close to paths. Our teams are committed to offering the most effective solutions tailored to the environment in which they are to be integrated.

Vertical signage and route signing

Whether you need to supply or install signage, Aximum can help you supply your projects with police signs, directional panels and route signing solutions, with solutions tailored to each route, from greenways to motorways.

static direction signage panel

Static Direction Signage

Guiding users

Our different sign designs guarantee static direction signage adapted to the environment: sober on the road or an aesthetic finish suited to urban centres. The variety of panel and mast ranges and options available means that every need can be met, in compliance with dual NF and CE certification.

static regulatory signage panel a13a children

Static Regulatory Signage

Setting the rules

Aximum supports its customers through its expertise in manufacturing and installation rules, which are essential for equipment compliance and user safety. The solutions on offer can be adapted to suit all requirements, from traditional signs to illuminated panels.

cycle route signs

Soft Mobility Signage

Eco-responsible solution

In addition to traditional signage solutions, Aximum offers Symbiose biosourced and biocompostable panels. This innovative range, based on natural components, makes a tangible contribution to policies to decarbonise mobility and respect the environment, and blends in harmoniously with greenways, natural sites and cycle paths.

Gantry cantilever mast

Gantries Cantilevers Masts

XXL signage

Aximum’s teams have the specific expertise to build large signalling structures overhanging roads and motorways. Control over the phasing of operations and the installation process means that the best conditions for safety and operational performance can be achieved day and night.

dynamic signage

Dynamic signage

Real-time information

Aximum installs dynamic signage systems to inform users about the exact traffic conditions or events linked to their itinerary. From permanent Variable Message Signs to temporary systems installed on signage trailers, our teams offer the most appropriate solutions for roads and motorways, as well as in urban areas.

Temporary static sign panels

Temporary static signs

Signposting and securing building sites

To ensure maximum safety in work zones, Aximum offers NF-certified signs for static regulatory signage and static direction signage. Renowned for its robustness, the Boréal range can be reused to reduce its carbon footprint and is suitable for all types of fixed or removable support posts.

Approach nose marking for road marking and route signing

Permanent marking and route signing

Visibility of single points

To channel traffic, indicate an obstacle, a divergent road, a bend or an intersection, our marking solutions can be adapted to all installation configurations, giving drivers a clear view of their route. To enhance safety, flashing lights can be used to supplement hazard warning signs or to mark out dangerous areas.

Horizontal signage

Whether you need products from our Aximum Industrie and Veluvine factories or turnkey road markings, we can help you choose the best solutions using the most environmentally friendly techniques.

Urban markings for pedestrian and cyclist crossings

Street marking

Adhesion and durability

To improve traffic safety in built-up areas, Aximum offers high performance markings for skid resistance and resistance to the stresses of urban traffic. The variety of NF-certified solutions and our site expertise mean that we can meet all requirements, whatever the solution chosen: paint, cold-coated materials, thermoplastic resin or preformed markings.

Flowell interactive light-emitting marking

Interactive light marking

The Flowell solution

Aximum uses the innovative Flowell light-emitting marking solution, which secures sensitive areas and contributes to a calmer and safer sharing of roads for all users. This new marking solution adapts to changes in mobility and encourages behaviour that is more respectful of road signs, thereby reducing the risks for the most vulnerable road users.

Fun markings in school grounds

Entertainment and recreational marking

A clearer public space

By helping to identify a meeting zone, a pedestrian area or the proximity of a school, these markings increase drivers’ vigilance, and residents can develop a sense of stewardship toward their environment thanks to frescoes specially designed to enhance their living spaces. A dedicated children’s range to liven up leisure areas and school playgrounds.

Road markings for motorway fast lanes

Marking of major roads

Performance and speed of response

The daytime and night-time visibility qualities of the proposed solutions ensure that our customers’ markings make an effective contribution to road user safety. High-performance application techniques mean that road markings can be produced under operational conditions tailored to the requirements of the road and motorway network.

Wet night visibility spot rumble marking

Markings visible at night in wet weather

Safety and visibility first and foremost

To make motorists safer when conditions are poor, Aximum offers wet night visibility markings. Our experts will guide you toward the right solutions: paint or rumble marking systems such as strips and spots with sound and vibration characteristics that further enhance user safety.

Audible warning devices strip marking

Audible warning devices

Prevents roadway departures

Audible warning devices (AWDs) are designed to prevent the effects of drowsiness or hypovigilance on road users by means of an audible and vibratory warning when they unintentionally move out of their lane. Thanks to its certified systems and specific equipment, Aximum can install strip-type solutions on roads and motorways.

Airport and circuit marking

Airport and circuit markings

Approved solutions

To meet specific technical needs, Aximum has developed road marking solutions that contribute to the safety of personnel, road users and equipment. Our Airfield Mark and Racing Mark ranges meet international requirements for airport and approved circuit markings.

Road lining equipment

Aximum designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of equipment for the application of road marking products, and is your partner of reference for servicing and maintaining your equipment.

Graco Linelazer line striper

Pushed machines

Thermal or electrical equipment

Airless spraying technology and options that make application easier mean that Graco machines can produce markings with optimum speed and quality. The Linelazer range of combustion-powered machines has been extended to include electric models, enabling work to be carried out without noise or air pollution.

self-propelled equipment for road painting

Self-propelled machines

High-performance application

The Prosign range, designed and manufactured by our experts, includes machines with fixed or articulated frames. Whether it’s compact equipment for urban use or high-performance machines for road and motorway marking, Aximum adapts and customises its models to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Heavy-duty PROSIGN marking truck


Custom equipment

Aximum designs and manufactures marking trucks for worksites requiring high application rates and large on-board product capacities. Whether you’re looking for a paint truck with a system that allows you to manage all marking operations from the cab, or a thermo-fuelling truck, our specialists can meet all your requirements, always ensuring the safety of your staff and the reliability of your equipment.

GrindLazer planer

Planers and small tools

Preparing surfaces

Because the marking quality also depends on how well the substrates are taken into account, Aximum offers a complete range of equipment for effective surface preparation: removal of moisture and impurities with a special dryer, planing machines, pre-marking kits, etc.

Service and maintenance of road lining equipment

Care and maintenance

The assurance of optimum operating conditions

In order to optimise equipment warranty conditions, Aximum offers maintenance contracts adapted to the frequency of use of the machines and carries out all maintenance operations. If necessary, our Express Delivery service immediately dispatches spare parts to ensure the continuity of your worksites.

Traffic lights and traffic regulation

Whether you need to supply traffic light equipment, control software solutions or a turnkey installation, programming and maintenance service, Aximum brings you its expertise thanks to innovative solutions and specialised teams based in the regions.

Symphonie eco-designed traffic lights

Light signals

Fitting out your traffic light junctions

Aximum offers 100% French eco-designed traffic lights to equip your junctions while limiting the impact on the environment. Our solutions for intelligent traffic lights take specific account of cyclist traffic, encouraging better road sharing and greater safety for vulnerable road users.

Traffic light controller and junction supervision

Traffic supervision and traffic light controller

Keys to performance

As a designer, manufacturer and installer, Aximum provides you with global expertise in traffic supervision. Our modular, scalable M@estro traffic light controller, with its high-performance programming software, provides optimised management of your junctions.

Web application for operating a traffic-light junction

Web application for operation and maintenance

Making it easier to set up and manage traffic lights

Our Tempo solution allows technicians to intervene easily and securely, via a digital tablet, to carry out all commissioning, operation and maintenance operations, while guaranteeing full compliance with the applicable standards for managing traffic light junctions.


Traffic light management in construction zones

Crossroads in worksite mode

To ensure the continuity of traffic lights at crossroads where work is in progress, Aximum adapts the programming and temporary setting of traffic lights, so that the best possible safety and flow management conditions can be maintained throughout the work. Our smart alternate one-way traffic solutions take account of traffic flows and congestion in real time to optimise traffic flow, including traffic at complex junctions.

Traffic light maintenance

Maintenance of traffic light junctions

Maintenance of your traffic light junctions

Aximum offers preventive and corrective maintenance services, as well as on-call services 365 days a year, to ensure the reliability of your traffic light equipment and contribute to road user safety.

Projets et travaux neufs

Projects and new works

Coordination and implementation

Our specialist teams will work with you to manage and implement your flow and priority management projects (security vehicles, service vehicles, public transport, etc.). They can propose and implement innovative technical solutions to ensure the success of your landscaping projects.

Central Traffic Control Centre CTCC

Central Traffic Control Centre

Regulating traffic for optimum flow

"SYMART, our software solution for controlling dynamic equipment and supervising traffic light junctions, adapts to the new needs of urban mobility and enables better multimodal traffic management. This offer is scalable in size and functionality, and can be adapted to your current and future needs. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for operators to become autonomous quickly. Its performance in terms of data management, interoperability and scalability means it can be used to make the transition to the Smart City as easy as possible."

Symart online - Remote surveillance of intersections and VMS

Remote surveillance of traffic lights & VMS

Real-time status of traffic light junctions

Developed for small local authorities, SYMART Online is a lightweight, effective solution for remote monitoring of traffic light junctions. It is available as an annual subscription, with no additional costs and no need to manage a local IT infrastructure. This solution provides real-time information about the status of junctions and Variable Message Signs on smartphones, tablets or PCs. It alerts you in the event of a malfunction and restores optimum operation.

Mobile illuminated signs

Aximum designs and manufactures a complete range of towed and on-board illuminated sign equipment. They can be used to alert users to events on the lanes and protect workers during roadworks or emergency interventions.

Zephir merging lane arrow trailers

Merging lane arrows

Combustion-engine or solar-powered merging lane arrow trailers

Designed to signal the neutralisation of a lane to allow work to be carried out or in the event of a temporary hazard, Zéphir merging lane arrows are available in combustion engine or solar-powered versions, and with single or double axles. Their remote control and long autonomy make work easier and more secure.

Trailer for variable message signs

Trailers for variable message signs

Eco-friendly mobile VMS

Solar-powered VMS trailers can be used to deliver messages about specific traffic conditions to the right place. Three eco-designed versions with Full Matrix screens, to communicate with users while protecting energy resources.

On-board multi-signal signalling roof kits

Roof kits

Signage for emergency vehicles

Visibility for worksite vehicles and patrols is essential to secure work on the roads. Whether they are equipped with light bars, variable messages or digital emergency arrows, Aximum’s multi-signal systems guarantee effective signalling for emergency vehicles, thereby contributing to the safety of road workers and road users.

Vehicle evacuation warning system on merging lane and digital emergency arrows

Vehicle Evacuation Alert System

Alert to save lives

To ensure the safety of operatives and road workers, merging lane arrow trailers and vehicles with digital emergency arrows can be fitted with the SAVE alert system. This innovative device detects the dangerous approach of vehicles and warns emergency personnel of the risk of collision, enabling them to evacuate in an emergency.

Access control and video surveillance

Aximum manufactures, installs and maintains turnkey solutions for securing and supervising access to lanes or public and private sites. The innovative technologies used optimise operational management and supervision, including in multi-site configurations.

software and control post for access control

Software and control systems

Customised control posts 

With their modular, full-web software, the control solutions on offer enable high-performance management of access control equipment via various identification systems. Centralised management for multi-site monitoring facilitates real-time supervision, with dynamic mapping and detailed photographic views.

Access control terminals

Safety bollards

Adapted solutions

Fixed, mechanical or automatic, Aximum offers a complete range of safety bollards for every need. From simple access-deterrent bollards to anti-vandalism solutions that stop vehicles weighing several tonnes travelling at high speed, Aximum helps to make roads and sensitive sites safer.

access control barrier


Foolproof automation

Aximum offers robust, high-performance barriers designed for ultra-intensive use, to facilitate user control and smooth access to protected sites or toll plazas. Our experts will help you choose the right solutions for your needs, and maintain your installations.

video protection installation and maintenance

Video protection

Monitor and protect

Our teams design, install and maintain the most effective video protection solutions for securing sites, adapting to the requirements of each environment. They can help you train staff in the use of surveillance systems.

Data collection

Aximum and its subsidiaries Technologies Nouvelles and Parkki use a variety of technical solutions to provide accurate traffic data for both public roads and private sites in order to optimise traffic conditions and the implementation of travel policies.

Traffic data collection

General traffic data

Collecting traffic data

"Our expertise and technical tools enable us to collect traffic data for every type of user, whether at the level of a junction, a conurbation, a trunk road, a department or a region. We offer both counting and surveys, as well as Floating Car Data."

Active mobility data collection

Active mobility data

Supporting the development of soft modes of transport

Our solutions, especially designed for counting pedestrians, cyclists and scooters, enable us to measure changes in soft modes of transport so that we can assess the adaptation of equipment and develop facilities that promote ecomobility and the peaceful sharing of roads.

Données de transports en commun

Public transport data

Improving service levels

By measuring the frequency and use of public transport, Aximum helps local authorities to improve their service to users and provides its expertise on projects to integrate BRTs or trams in order to optimise multimodal travel management.

Comptage des personnes

People counting

Visitor numbers and appeal

Our sensor solutions enable you to monitor footfall in indoor and outdoor areas in real time. By analysing flows of people, we can measure the attractiveness of places such as shopping centres, motorway service areas, airports and public buildings, and be alerted in the event of an incident.


Climate and environmental data

Monitoring sensitive indicators

Whether it’s weather, flood and tide data, noise and vibration measurements or air quality, our specialist teams can install and maintenance of data recording and warning systems, enabling the managing authorities to put in place the appropriate protective measures.

Road engineering - pavement testing

Lane testing

Diagnosing the condition of pavements

Using innovative tools and intelligent vehicles, the New Technologies teams analyse and measure changes in road conditions on all types of networks, including cycle paths, roads and aeronautical networks. They carry out automated, high-performance surveys for the simultaneous acquisition of high-precision data on degradation, geometric characteristics, adhesion and deformation.

Relevés de patrimoine routier

Asset surveys

Road assets and ancillary spaces

The New Technologies teams identify and list the various road assets and ancillary spaces. Equipped with innovative equipment, they carry out automated surveys, analyse the data and enter it in structured databases for optimum asset monitoring.

Research and engineering

Our experts in pavement engineering, road assets and mobility support infrastructure managers in optimising their assets, traffic conditions and the study of new mobility solutions that meet the challenges of each region.

Analyse des données des données de transports en commun

Travel data analysis

Studies and recommendations

Our analysis solutions provide traffic data for each type of user, and offer recommendations for new projects or for optimising existing infrastructure. The scope of our studies and support can be a crossroads, a conurbation, a trunk road, but also a department or a region.

road equipment diagnosis

Road equipment diagnosis

Checking compliance

Our specialists’ technical, regulatory and operational expertise provides you with a reliable and exhaustive diagnosis of road restraint systems, vertical and horizontal signage and other road environment assets, including their location, condition and compliance. Our safety level indicator solution makes it easier to prioritise maintenance and compliance work.

maintenance strategies and work programming

Maintenance strategies

Making it easier to schedule work

Technologies Nouvelles helps owners and contractors to define and implement maintenance strategies. Various scenarios can be drawn up to anticipate, prioritise and plan preventive and corrective maintenance work, taking into account technical and budgetary constraints.

traffic modelling and dynamic simulations

Traffic modelling

Anticipating traffic trends

Using dynamic traffic simulation studies, we assess the impact on traffic of development projects, either during the construction phase or over time, and provide project managers with recommendations that take into account the specific constraints of each project.

Road safety studies

Road safety studies

Making roads safer

Our teams will support you in analysing accident data and data from the field to identify any malfunctions impacting road safety. The recommendations put forward at the end of the studies include issues such as the geometric layout of lanes, the optimisation of traffic lights and the quality of road markings, etc.

Traffic studies and plan

Traffic studies and plans

Planning for travel developments

Traffic studies and the identification of local issues enable our travel engineering experts to support local authorities in drawing up traffic master plans and mobility plans that help shift travel modes toward multimodal, sustainable mobility.


Study of junctions

Drawing up junction files

"Technologies Nouvelles assists local authorities and network managers in defining regulation strategies and optimising traffic light plans on roads with heavy traffic volumes that are affected by episodes of congestion. Our experts carry out studies to optimise the operation or creation of intersections with traffic lights, choice and positioning of signals, detection zones, traffic light plans and phasing."

Traffic engineering - public transport studies

Studies of public transport flows

Multimodal integration and management

Whether on a local, departmental or regional scale, public transport remains at the heart of mobility and environmental issues. Technologies Nouvelles brings its expertise to projects involving the integration of public transport vehicles into general traffic flows or on dedicated lanes (TCSP), such as tramways and Bus Rapid Transits (BRT). These studies help optimise multimodal management in each area.

Industrial services

Thanks to its expertise in highly specific fields, Aximum supports manufacturers right from the design phase and produces turnkey or customised solutions that meet the requirements of their markets.

Manufacture of electronic boards

Electronic boards

Customised design and manufacture

With its experience in fields where reliability is vital, Aximum offers high-performance technical protection solutions that guarantee the durability of electronic components. Our experts will be with you from the innovation phase onwards, helping you to co-construct your specifications and optimise your project performance.

Waterproofing products

Bituminous waterproofing products

Partner to the waterproofing industry

Aximum meets all building waterproofing needs with ready-to-use, cold-applied bitumen-based solutions: impregnation primers, waterproofing coatings and sealants, insulation bonding.

Conditioning and mixing bitumen

Conditioning and mixing bitumen

Serving the oil industry

Highly specialised equipment ensures that bitumen emulsions and solutions can be stored in bulk, packaged in drums and mixed to liquefy or densify the products in the safest possible conditions.

Cool Roof paint

Specific paints

Customised production

With its high-performance production facilities and specialist laboratories, Aximum is the industrial partner for players looking for semi-finished products or private label ready-to-market paints.