Founded in 1895, Veluvine is the leading specialist in the production and development of road marking products (hot and cold applied) in the Netherlands. 

In 2005, Veluvine became a fully owned subsidiary of Aximum. 

We sell our products on the Benelux market (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), in Germany, France and all over the export market. 

Veluvine stands out by providing in-depth product knowledge and technical support to create lasting relationships with customers. This added value, combined with innovation and product development, are key elements in Veluvine’s aims and objectives. 

Quality, durability and respect for the environment are the key points on which Veluvine focuses to innovate and meet current standards and regulations. Our R&D laboratory is the driving force behind the development of new products, formulations, processes and applications. 

The role of our applied products is to enhance user safety and also to guide users to their destination. 


A range of certified and adapted products

Our products are designed to meet the needs of urban development, high-quality development and industrial flooring. Veluvine chiefly manufactures and markets certified road marking products:

  • Thermoplastic,
  • Solvent-based paint,
  • Two-component product,
  • Prefabricated strips. 


We comply with: Benor, Aashto, NF standard and Bast and Aitec qualifications. 

These products are applied to: 

  • Roads and motorways, 
  • Urban developments (cycle paths, bus lanes), 
  • Airport and airfield runways and parking areas, 
  • Industrial platforms, 
  • Leisure facilities (greenways, sports facilities).
Veluvine paint products
Veluvine - indoor and industrial floor paints

Veluvine also manufactures and markets: 

  •  a range of indoor products: odourless and quick-drying, 
  •  paints suitable for industrial flooring.

Out international positioning

A local sales network at your service in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France, as well as in certain export countries (Africa, South America, North America). Veluvine’s positioning in these countries, combined with Aximum Industrie’s sales force, will enable Aximum to expand internationally.

Road paints Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Africa, South America, North America

A strong commitment to corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility Veluvine

Veluvine is 14001-certified and constantly strives for the highest levels of quality in production and environmental control methods. 

We reduce the environmental impact of our business activities as much as possible, for example by cutting CO2 emissions and investing in the development of sustainable products. We are convinced that this leads to healthy and sustainable business operations. In recent years, Veluvine has committed to replacing traditional raw materials and auxiliaries with sustainable alternatives. The teams have developed a range of bio-sourced marking.