Aximum road equipment
Aximum road equipment

About us

We are a major player in safety, signage and travel optimisation solutions. We are positioning ourselves as a multi-activity operator of tomorrow’s innovative and responsible mobility. 

Our mission

Design, produce, install and maintain transport infrastructure equipment responsibly, based on our local roots in France and Europe.
Designing, building and maintaining road equipment

Wherever we operate, we are attentive to the needs and expectations of our customers, users and partners. Our expertise and capacity for innovation are with you every step of the way, helping you develop your infrastructure and services to achieve your economic, social and environmental objectives on the road to sustainable mobility. 

Cultivating its versatile know-how, Aximum offers a global approach to safe mobility.

Aximum is a subsidiary of the Colas Group, a global leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

Why we do it

Protecting stakeholders and users, and facilitating travel in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

We see mobility as a pillar of society, meeting one of our essential needs. Present wherever you go, Aximum provides solutions in all areas of road equipment and mobility. 
Focused on this vision, the company develops, manufactures and implements safety, signage and travel optimisation systems, tailored to the specific needs of users, elected representatives and managers.

Aximum protects people and makes road travel easier

Our ambition

Propose the best solution, adapted to our customers’ needs, by using breakthrough innovations based on our expertise and know-how.
Aximum’s ambition is to be the French leader in mobility

Mobility is a challenge. It requires constant innovation and optimisation to move travel forward. We are convinced that it is only when mobility is secure that it can create economic activity and social links. This guides our actions and directs our choices, to make mobility a safer and more sustainable experience, to be enjoyed with complete confidence.

Our values

Aximum’s values are respect, sharing and boldness

Respect, Sharing and Boldness

These three values symbolise the unique way in which the men and women of Aximum accomplish their mission. They take centre stage every day on our sites.



At Aximum, respect is a fundamental value of our corporate culture. Whether it’s self-respect, respect for our employees, respect for our customers and partners, or respect for the environment and society as a whole, we are driven by the same duty of kindness. That’s why acting ethically and preserving the safety of those who work with us will always be our priority.

Being respectful

Means first setting an example and listening to others, to create the conditions allowing each employee to express themselves in complete transparency and move forward. 

Being respectful

Means giving concrete expression to our commitments in terms of corporate social, societal and environmental responsibility (CSR). 

Being respectful

Means doing everything possible to meet our customers’ needs.



We are convinced that the pooling of talent and resources in all their diversity, teamwork and cross-functionality are a source of progress and new ideas. 


Means creating optimum conditions for teamwork by fostering trust, responsibility and solidarity. 


Means encouraging the transmission of know-how between generations and putting our expertise at the service of the Group, customers, partners, etc. 



We’re among those who are eager to move forward, explore new horizons, reinvent ourselves. That’s why, at Aximum, it will always be possible to be enterprising and launch ideas or initiatives that create value. 


Means encouraging people to take the initiative. 


Means giving everyone the opportunity to be enterprising. 


Means pushing back the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Our origins

Aximum was created in 1959 to take up a challenge: to make our journeys safer and more efficient. Innovation is in our DNA. Over the decades, we have broadened our range of activities, expanded our locations in France and abroad and developed new processes. 

With the same entrepreneurial spirit, and the same determination to design and offer our customers new products and innovative solutions. We continue to innovate today, meeting the ever-growing and evolving needs for mobility, and building the responsible mobility of tomorrow. 

Key figures

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