Hervé Boitout – Assistant Director of Human Resources, Aximum

Talents edito
For 60 years, Aximum’s employees have: invented, designed and maintained transport equipment and infrastructures in response to new uses, and to improve people’s daily lives. Aximum’s men and women are its greatest strength, and represent a tremendous resource ! Every day they involve themselves in practical, useful projects, adding their skills and expertise.
Our activities are changing, in response both to the needs of customers and users, but also to energy frugality commitments, which call for innovative, sustainable and responsible solutions. This means every worker is progressively contributing to the preservation of our planet’s resources. By working in partnership to build their future, Aximum’s teams also contribute to the development of their activities. Our sites and network enable us to offer opportunities locally, regionally and nationally, meeting the expectations of all. With us, you will find more than just a job. You will embark on a career!

Our HR policy

Attract, develop and retain talents through managerial excellence.

Because our future depends on our people, Aximum has always been committed to managerial excellence to attract, develop and retain talent, enabling employees to reach their full potential throughout their careers. For this, our human resources policy aims to :

  • attract new multicultural talent in terms of nationality, gender and thought by promoting the Aximum brand and our values (#Caring, #Sharing, #Daring)
  • ensure an inclusive work environment, where everyone feels respected and valued for their own contribution. Our policy is long term, which means that the relationship between the Group and its people must be long-lasting, too
  • help people build their careers by providing training as well as equal opportunities, foster an environment of well-being at work that respects work-life balance, encourage employees to give back to their local communities
notre stratégie - integration verticale
intégration jeunes

Including young people through apprenticeships and training

Accelerating professional careers 

Apprenticeship is a key route to personal development, encouraged and supported by Aximum for many years. We offer work-study programmes and training courses that are as varied as the people we look for. Just like the diversity of roles within the Group. 
An apprenticeship at Aximum will speed you along your career path, rapidly opening up access to specialist or managerial positions. From the very start of their career, students and young apprentices are supported by a personal Tutor, who gives them a real opportunity to discover the rich variety to be found in our activities, and our strong corporate culture. 
Every year sees more than 50 different opportunities on offer to join our different teams. 

Graduate Program

An Immersive experience at our sites 

Are you a young graduate with a Masters level qualification and interested in getting a career under way in works management and site supervision? 
Join us through our “Tour de France” Graduate Programme. 
You get an intense and rich onsite experience with our programme : 
4 blocks of work, each lasting 4 months, during which you are embedded at our sites where you can find out all about the diversity and abundance of jobs that we do. 

Graduate Program

We might be a perfect match !

#1 Vous cherchez une mission qui a du sens

#1 Are you are looking for a meaningful job?

People at Aximum all share the same values, the same culture, the same mission: to design, build and maintain sustainable transport infrastructure, from their local roots across the world. Transport infrastructure is a social network in its own right, building communities, connecting people, fostering business. When you join Aximum, you too can play a role in building the mobility of tomorrow. 

#2 Are Safety and Ethics a priority for you?

Acting ethically and protecting the people who work with us is a priority. Our goal is to develop a global safety culture that aims to reduce health risks and accidents, both in the workplace and on the road. The Group’s Safety Attitude program is at the heart of Aximum’s approach to Safety, which aims to be a zero-accident benchmark in the field.

#2 La sécurité et l’éthique sont votre priorité
#3 Vous aimez entreprendre au quotidien et souhaitez relever des challenges

#3 Do you enjoy tackling challenges every day?

Across the globe, climate change, ecological collapse, and ever growing, ever changing, mobility needs are just some of the new challenges that our businesses are addressing. At Aximum, we are convinced that our pioneering spirit will help us meet these challenges, by acting and committing to winning, together. To do so, we need you to have a vision for the future, to be creative, and help us imagine the infrastructures of tomorrow.

#4 Do you enjoy learning and sharing what you know with others?

The world is changing; our jobs are changing, too. Aximum understands that the only way to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow is to give our people the opportunity to learn. We are committed to boosting skills and helping our employees grow. You can play an active role in your career development, meaning that you can choose your own way on the Aximum path! 

#4 Vous avez soif d’apprendre et aimez partager votre savoir-faire
Wij zijn net als u overtuigd van de rijkdom van diversiteit - Aximum.

#5 Do you believe that diversity is enriching?

A company must be a true reflection of society. Aximum fosters diversity in all shapes and forms, promoting talents and allowing them to progress through equal opportunity. In terms of diversity, the two priority areas for Aximum are Gender Diversity and Disability. The Group is particularly committed to creating an inclusive work environment and ensuring good work/life balance, so that everyone can play a role in the Group’s successful performance. 

#6 Are you looking for a Group with a wide variety of opportunities for job mobility?

In a Group as large and as diverse as Aximum, job mobility, especially international mobility, makes for more fulfilling careers, helps build career paths and fosters the sharing of best practice. The Group promotes functional and geographical mobility, supported by a dedicated division and a range of tools, including an in-house career website, "availability" reviews, mobility support systems, secondment of employees to Colas companies, etc.

Vous êtes à la recherche d’un Groupe avec de nombreuses perspectives de mobilité
 #7 Vous souhaitez bénéficier d’une politique de rémunération attractive

#7 Do you want to benefit from an attractive compensation package?

Across its entire global network, Aximum’s compensation policy ensures fair compensation packages for employees, designed to fit with the specific characteristics of each business line, profile and location, making it possible for employees to participate in the Group’s results. 

Key figures

  • 50

    works & services, industry and engineering locations

  • 1850

    employees (at august 31, 2023)